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"My sessions so far have been an enormous help. Kat is always very professional and patient, as well as compassionate and kind. This helps to make the sessions flow comfortably. Each time, I have learned something new about myself, and Kat has helped greatly to equip me with what I need to grow. So grateful!!"
-Leila A.

"The amount of stress and uncertainty this pandemic has added to my life has forced me to really reflect on myself and reassess the direction of my life and the meaning of my goals. I’m not particularly into energy healing, or any “new age-y” practices for that matter, but after months of mental and emotional block I thought to give it a try. What did I have to lose? Luckily, I didn’t have to look far when I needed help with this exercise. Kat is a trusted friend and I decided for the first time ever to finally tap her healing talents for help. It was worth every penny and I’m kicking myself for not having turned to her sooner. She was so enlightening and explained everything so crystal clearly. She’s calm and patient and has great intuition. One session with her already gave me a lot of clarity and got me back on track in trying to realign myself with my purpose. I will for sure be tapping her services again."
-Bea M.