What are Live/Streaming Sessions?

These 45-60 mins sessions are a “face-to-face” interactive consultation done online via a google meets/ hangouts link. This is a perfect opportunity to talk through some of your issues and concerns and for Katrina to be able to read deeper into your situation via the healing modalities and protocols that she is certified in. 

What are Recorded Sessions?

These are purely audio recordings that will be sent to you via social messaging app or e-mail. Normally what is required are photos of videos of either your pet or the space you want to have cleared and rejuvenated. The recording will include a diagnosis of the current situation and a complete healing and clearing session (done remotely).

How do I book a session?

You may book a session by sending us a message here or you may contact Katrina at: 0917 895 9642.

What can I expect from Energy Healing?

The Experience: This session makes use of breath work, chakra cleansing and alignment Millennium Method Cards, and Theta DNA protocols. 

The Benefits: This is best for those who feel like they are in a rut, or who feel low energy and uninspired and need a boost or removal of blocks (that they can’t explain) in either their professional or personal lives. Those who are also experiencing grief, heartbreak or disappointment will also find themselves feeling much better and lighter after having their energies healed and rejuvenated. 

What is Angel Reading?

The Experience: Several decks of angel cards are used in different spreads to give an overview on what is going on in one’s life and what are the potentials and probabilities for the future. Specific issues can also be looked at, such as health, prosperity, family and romance-allowing the client to ask questions if they need clarity or guidance on what to do next. Each spread is explained, and each card has an individual meaning which may come as a personal message that needs to be heard, or as advice to be followed by the client so he or she may feel more confident about what the future holds.

The Benefits: This is ideal for first time clients who have never had an energy session or experienced any kind of divination (i.e. tarot cards) as the angels always give their messages in a loving, benevolent way. It is also ideal to pair this reading up with an energy healing session in order to take full advantage of the advice of the angels, and to see with greater clarity how to live with ease and grace, and utmost joy.

What happens in a Manifestation Circle?

The Experience: An online tutorial on how to wake up and flex one’s powers of manifestation. You will be guided through six simple steps that you can do at your own time in order for you to build strength and consistency on manifesting “daily miracles” as well as long term dreams and aspirations.

The Benefits: Book this session if you want to learn how to power-up your manifestation skills and live the life you dream of. This can also be used to manifest for others for as long as it comes from loving, heart-centered intentions. 

What is Animal Healing?

The Experience: Photos and/or a video of your pet will be analyzed remotely, and then an audio recording will be sent with a detailed analysis of your pet’s situation, and will include a healing session plus guidance on what else can be done to add to your creature’s health and happiness.

The Benefits: Our fur babies speak a different language from us but energy is universal. This healing session is a good way to see what is happening in their bodies-and is ideal for any pet owner to give more comfort and care to their animal, and may be done in accordance with their veterinarian’s advice. 

What is Space Clearing?

The Experience: An online consultation to talk about the current situation of the room, condo, home or office. Photos and a video will also be required for a proper assessment of what will be needed and prior to an agreement of cost and the start of the clearing/cleansing diagnosis and procedures. 

The Benefits: A Space Clearing Session is custom-made for one’s living or work area. If you, your family, colleagues or staff have been feeling “weird” vibes where you live or work, a space clearing session will remove any and all negative energies and beings that may be preventing good health, harmonious relationships or financial abundance and success. This session is also geared towards the elimination of any old curses, karma, sacred or soul contracts between the owners or dwellers of the space and any connection to the past. If there are known traumas or bad experiences that have been known or even not known to have happened in the space in question, it will be discovered, removed and transmuted into giving more flow and “lightness”. Even if your space has been blessed, it is very possible that a lot may not have been removed thoroughly.