These 45-60 mins sessions are a “face-to-face” interactive consultation done online via a google meets/ hangouts link. This is a perfect opportunity to talk through some of your issues and concerns and for Katrina to be able to read deeper into your situation via the healing modalities and protocols that she is certified in. 

These are purely audio recordings that will be sent to you via social messaging app or e-mail. Normally what is required are photos or videos of either your pet or the space you want to have cleared and rejuvenated. The recording will include a diagnosis of the current situation and a complete healing and clearing session (done remotely). 

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Mission Statement

Soul Spa was created as a safe space for anyone who needed healing without fear of being judged or ridiculed. All information shared during each session is treated with confidentiality, honoring each person's right to be completely honest with themselves and their situation. The objective of each session is to raise each client's vibration, clearing away anything that may be blocking them from living better and feeling better. 


"Love, love, loved my session, Kat! It was as if you were reading pages from a book I’ve long since forgotten! Plus the energy boost, almost immediately, finally drew me out of my energy black hole. Even my horsies feel much better!  Huge thanks for all the positive vibes!"

- Antoinette L.

"Loved my session! I can't wait for the next one!"

- Iza W.

"Such an awesome session! Everyone should try it, especially at this time. I can't wait for my next one."

- Andrea M.

"A session with Kat is a wonderful experience. A true light worker, Kat reminds you of your own power and ability to heal yourself. She guides you in your journey, giving you the courage and optimism to move towards your life’s fulfillment. After each session, I feel calm and confident as an hour alone with Kat gives me a sense of clarity. Her energy is soothing, gentle yet firm to break down any walls I’ve previously had. I trust her."

- Gretchen C.